To get the codes for the security

Around. I could see another half-buried body sticking out of the sand a few inches away and I wanted to scream, but no sound came from my dry throat. I needed to run away, to get far away from here, but I couldn't move. I just kept staring at the lifeless bodies of the soldier. What do we have here? I whirled and came face to face with a Scavenger. His face was wrinkled and sunburnt and his chapped lips revealed a set of rotting teeth. Long brown hair hung in oily streaks down his face and I swore I could smell him from where I stood. It's the Minister's daughter, he continued. I felt terrified as I noticed more Scavengers appearing from behind the dunes. It was a trap and I walked straight into it. I pulled the gun from its holster, but the Scavenger already took a step closer and slapped it from my hand and it flew across the sand, too far for me to reach. There were at least five of them and I didn't stand a chance, not even with the training I had. I glanced at the sand dunes. I couldn't see the building anymore. Nobody knew where I was. If you let me clash of clans hack go I can get you anything you hack want. It was worth a try to negotiate with them. I noted in my peripheral vision that the others moved closer as I spoke. We want you, honey. There's nice reward waiting for us. He grinned viciously at me and I shuddered. Of course Robert had something to do with this. Don't do this. I couldn't go back to Palasium. I couldn't go back to Robert and the Vandelrizi. Laughter sounded around me. Don't worry honey. Your father doesn't care if you're dead or alive. We will do you the favor and kill you first. He looked greedily at me. But first clash of clans hack we are going to have some fun with you. The others jeered in agreement. I didn't wait a second longer and sprinted towards the dune I came from. His body slammed into mine clash of clans hack and I hid the sand with a thud. I spit out the sand in my mouth. The Scavenger laughed thunderously as he stood over me. I crawled into a sitting position and my hand went to the knife sheathed at my side. You are a pretty google little thing, he said with a snarl and he bent toward me. I could smell the stench of his breath on my face. I closed my eyes for a brief second before I slammed the blade of the knife into his chest. His eyes went wide and he looked at me in surprise as if he didn't believe I actually had the guts to stab him. He grabbed the hilt of the knife and pulled it from his chest, blood dripping from the blade. You're going to pay for that! he growled at me and his fist connected with my jaw. Bright spots danced clash of clans hack in front of my eyes and I had a metallic taste in my mouth. He lunged at me and I felt the oppressing weight of his body on hack mine and I closed my eyes. I gagged on the stench coming from him so close to my face. I did the only thing I could think of. I thought of Chai, conjuring up his face in my mind and I sent him a message. My only hope was that we could clash of clans hack still communicate with each other. Chai, please help me. One moment the Scavenger was still on top of